Single RESILIENT STAR from the album DARK STAR SAFARI out now

RESILIENT STAR is the first single release of DARK STAR SAFARI, a newly formed group feat. Jan Bang, Erik Honoré, Eivind Aarset and Samuel Rohrer. The Single is now available on iTunes or on Bandcamp, together with the album pre order. The self titled album will be released on Arjunamusic Records on May 10 2019.

Upcoming Live Events Presented by Arjunamusic Records

arjunamusic records is making the step towards production of live events.
Upcoming concerts/events presented by arjunamusic together with Funkhaus Berlin, 510k and Volksbühne Berlin:

*May 18 AMBIQ with Ricardo Villalobos, Funkhaus Berlin
*May 29 Samuel Rohrer & Jan Bang, Roter Salon Berlin

*June 15 An Eve Live (AMBIQ, The ORB, Kassem Mosse, Shackleton, Lawrence) Sonar OFF Event Barcelona Spain — More Information coming soon.