about the label

Arjunamusic Records – mission statement
“Be calmly active and actively calm. Remain compassionately detached.”

Arjunamusic Records is a Berlin based independent platform for electronic and acoustic music founded in 2012 and run by Samuel Rohrer. The wish to achieve total artistic freedom and follow the urge to create was the motivation and force to build a platform for unique music, ranging from electronic and acoustic improvised music to experimental song based music and minimal club music.

With its various associated artists, the label has a broad scope which is not limited to one named stylistic or genre. Ranging from improvised acoustic chamber-like music to electro-acoustic music, from club music to electronica and alternative/experimental songwriting and techno, the main goal is to provide a safe home for unique, relevant and timeless music to reach an open minded audience and to keep the essence and spirit in its pure form to let individuality come through.

To avoid being too diverse and to keep a certain system and clarity in the catalog for distributors and customers, Arjunamusic splits the releases in three different series. These series are all connected and overlap each other. It is possible that some releases fit into more than one series. It finally depends on how we want to promote it and where we want to go with the music and finding the right place for each new release.

These series are not meant to describe a style or to put music into frames, it’s first of all about the surrounding in which the musical ideas are put into or built on. The soul of the music cant be touched and its not in our interest to make big spirits small by naming any genres.

The three series:

arjunamusic – Electronic Series. Electronic and electro-acoustic experimental music, as well as alternative techno oriented work.
arjunamusic – Acoustic Series. Features acoustic releases in the field of improvised and experimental music.
arjunamusic – Extended Series. This series relates to the others, with music based on song structures and features alternative pop and song oriented music, including voice and lyrics.

– arjuna stands for the fire energy. Fire burns, eliminates and illuminates. It burns ignorance and eliminates duality.
– arjuna represents the transformation from the ordinary to the concious mind.