“An Eve Live” presented by 510k creatives & arjunamusic records

510k Creatives together with arjunamusic records, a young label already earning a solid reputation for its many successful experiments in genre bending and its reliable creation of novel sonic atmospheres, announce an upcoming event in Barcelona’s Utopia 126 on the 15th of June. In keeping with the label’s quality-over-quantity methodology, this will be an intimate gathering of only 300 or so attendees, who will be able to sample a truly rich spread of musical flavors during the night.
The ORB, notorious navigators of the cosmos of ambient dub, will close the evening. Before that, fellow UK act and Skull Disco boss Shackleton will demonstrate why he has become one of the most versatile producers to break off from dubstep culture and create something entirely his own. German acts Kassem Mosse, Lawrence, and AMBIQ will round out the bill. Mosse is known for his outstanding releases on labels such as Workshop and Mikrodisko, while Lawrence has busied himself for years with filling out an increasingly impressive roster on his Dial label and for taking ‘minimalism’ beyond the expected realms of austerity and coldness. Lastly, the AMBIQ trio features arjunamusic label head Samuel Rohrer and his long-standing collaborators Max Loderbauer and Claudio Puntin. The Berliner instrumental trio emerged onto the scene not long ago with two self-titled LPs of impressive sonic distinctiveness, technical ability and with a sophisticated interpretation of the ancient art of tension and release.
All told, this event will be a potent ‘state of the union’ for truly intrepid electronic music, and a staging ground for new ideas yet to be realized.
Line up:
AMBIQ – Max Loderbauer/Claudio Puntin/Samuel Rohrer
Kassem Mosse 
The ORB – Thomas Fehlmann/Alex Patterson