Samuel Rohrer – modular synths, keys, electronics, drums, percussion

Cat.Nr: AMEL-LP724 – Vinyl/Digital
Worldwide Distribution: Word & Sound

RELEASE DATE: February 10 2023


Tracklisting digital: 1_Body Of Lies  2_Scapegoat Principle  3_Fourth Density  4_The Banality Of Evil  5_Talking to Nature Spirits  6_Resurrection    —  Total playing time: 50:04

Tracklisting vinyl: A1_Resurrection  A2_Body Of Lies  B1_Scapegoat Principle  B2_Fourth Density  C_The Banality Of Evil  D_Talking to Nature Spirits    —  Total playing time: 50:04

Produced by Samuel Rohrer
Final mix by Ingo Krauss, Candybomber Studio Berlin
Mastering by Mike Grinser, Manmade Mastering Berlin

© 2023 – electronic series — D&DA The Designers Republic, Ian Anderson

Excerpt from the PRESS RELEASE by Thomas Bey William Bailey

Samuel Rohrer’s newest solo album, Codes of Nature, shows the artist making yet more refinements and additions to an already rich catalog of musical ideas. Though he has excelled in collaborative projects with Ambiq, Ricardo Villalobos, Max Loderbauer, Tobias Freund, Oren Ambarchi and others, it is fascinating to experience him also working in a field completely his own, yet managing to still give the impression of being fully integrated or connected with a larger musical universe. A strange, intriguing ambiguity between the specific and the universal is indeed what makes Rohrer’s music worth playing on a loop – the cool, downtempo, yet energized constructions on Codes are powered by subtle atmospheric and tonal changes, and work like a camouflage adaptable to any environment.

As mentioned at the beginning here, this is a record whose strength derives from its versatility. It’s clear that this versatility of sounds has been inspired by a commitment to positive differentiation that is not just a musical one, and that’s where this work will inspire others in turn.

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