Joao Paulo Esteves da Silva – THE RIVER

Joao Paulo Esteves da Silva – THE RIVER

Joāo Paulo Esteves da Silva piano
Mário Franco double bass
Samuel Rohrer percussion

RELEASE DATE: September 22 2023

Cat.Nr : AMAC-CD727
EAN Code: 4251804139557
Format: CD / Digital


Tracklisting: 1_The House Behind 2_Loosing Memory 3_City People
4_Concerning the Ice 5_Passing Wind 6_Head/Heart 7_From Below 8_Lost Small Things
9_Smoke Signals

All music instantly composed by João Paulo Esteves da Silva, Mário Franco, Samuel Rohrer
Recorded and mixed by Gérard de Haro in 2019/2020 at Studio La Buissonne, France
Mastering by Nicolas Baillard in 2023 at Studio La Buissonne, France

Copyright Control / Suisa, SPA
D&DDA Ian Anderson, The Designers Republic


Excerpt from the PRESS RELEASE by Thomas Bey William Bailey

Arjunamusic Records presents the new album The River, from the trio of João Paulo Esteves da Silva, Mário Franco and Samuel Rohrer, following on the aesthetic developed on their previous release Brightbird from 2017: it is characterized by meaningful pauses and clever subtractions, but it is also a strong and mature demonstration of the fruitful partnership that exists between them and more undeniably perceptible musical features. The group’s willingness to consider the value of the spaces between the notes (and their understanding that reflection and contemplation upon those spaces is an act of engagement rather than detachment) is one immediately recognizable feature of their sonic terrain. However, it’s far from the only one.

In the final estimation, the dialogue between the perceptible and the imperceptible works as well as it does here because an aesthetic of mutual exchange is central to these musicians’ playing styles. It is rare to hear albums in which the gestalt can be comprehended rather than voluntarily or involuntarily zooming in on a single player or aspect of the presentation; the trio here has created something that can be appreciated in its totality and which challenges listeners to apply its qualities to other areas of lived experience.


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